Manufacturing & Inspection Facilities

Facilities and Capabilities

Sheet Metal Pressing: Press Shop Equipped with 35+ imported Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Mechanical Power Presses ranging from 20T to 800T with high yield and advanced safety features. Press shop also consists of Shearing Machines, Pipe Bending Machine,Rolling machine, Rotary Grinding Machine and Vibro Machine

Auto Feeding : 250T Aida Press with 3T 300mm width and 3mm thickness coil auto feeder setup.

MIG and TIG Welding: MIG and TIG Welding + SPMs – 35 MIG and 2 TIG welding Machines + 5 Welding SPMs.

Projection and Spot Welding:12 Projection and Spot Welding Machines.

Assembly of components : In-house Assembly of components.

Inspection of components and assemblies :Instruments, Gauges and Fixtures to conduct inspection of components and assemblies.

Tool Room Facility :Machines to conduct Die Preventive maintenance and other repair activities.

Plants have adequate standby Power facility (D.G.Sets – 250 KVA) and proper Material Handling Equipment (5T and 10T overhead crane).

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